We chase perfection, we catch Excellence
We are high-end tech users who present machinery that function only in line with high standards. Our superlative after- sales support and maintenance services are provided by a highly trained and professional technical staff. We only represent reputable premium brands in performance and durability. Alkhorayef multiplies its efforts to please and satisfy its customers.



Friendliness is passion served with a smile
As a family owned and run firm, we are friendly and open in all of our dealings. Our passion is stamped with long term relationships with our clients and partners and translated in the work of our staff, that share decision making, ideas and problem solving ways.



Trust and honesty: our business’ main ingredients
Our business is founded on the grounds of honesty, trust, discipline and a strict code of ethics. Alkhorayef often sacrifices short-term profit for the sake of a firm long-term relationship with clients. This attitude boosts the trust of our customers in our abilities and capability to satisfy their requirements.



Commitment is what keeps us going
Every project and partnership is handled with care and underlined commitment. Each project is managed in a well-structured manner, while providing excellent aftercare and support. Our commitment to clients, partners and staff is conferred by helping to build their skills, knowledge and businesses through training and development programs.