Alkhorayef is logistically and strategically positioned in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is established through 3 different warehouses reaching and serving all areas of KSA.

The company differentiates itself from others by utilizing Oracle ERP to optimize operations. Our expertise is unmatched and our services cannot be topped, in addition to the fact that we retain an excellent after sales staff. Our competitive advantage can also be contemplated through the long-term relationship that we withhold with customers and suppliers.

We aim to stay ahead of our competition and defend our market position and that resides in knowing the competition and making ourselves unique, knowing our customers and revising our strategies according to their needs. We offer our customers great services, reasons and support for them to come to us in addition to the fact that we make efforts to paint our premises with a modern high-tech look. We also underpin our business with structured sales and a skilled staff trained to grow and succeed, invest in development, trends and stay up to date regarding the latest technology.

Al Khorayef’s ability to evolve and translate requirements rapidly into action is its ultimate competitive advantage. Its employees are one of its greatest assets and it aims at attracting and retaining the best, providing customers with support and training while making them an integral part of the company’s mission.

AlKhorayef outshines competition for it is the only company in the Kingdom that provides a very wide range of solutions to the customers from machinery, material, paper to services.

It is the only paper manufacturer in the Kingdom offering in addition to Carbonless copy paper, Non standard paper sizes (as per customer needs) using sheeting and slitting machines .