Strategic partnerships give Alkhorayef Printing Solutions a competitive advantage and an opportunity to access a broader range of resources and expertise. Those partnerships offer clients distinctive skill sets and product lines that are different from the competition.

Alkhorayef Printing Solutions is involved in maintaining healthy partnerships to deliver excellence in service areas where each partner can focus on its strengths and expertise.

We approach our partners with a will to retain a long-term successful relationship based on many aspects such as commitment, collaboration, communication and trust.

For information regarding partnering with Alkhorayef Printing Solutions, please contact: project.aps@alkhorayef.com


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manroland sheetfed BOBST Graf cut MBO












 AUTOBOND  Edelmann  Gerhard Busch Fastbind












 SCREEN palamides  DuPont SAMOA 












Lasercomb Petratto   Lamina System   James Burn International












 Hohner Maschinenbau  Zechini BN International Ferag












 DELTA NEU  Winkler + Dünnebier Meccanotecnica  SPS®









 Theisen & Bonitz  Kallfass  humboldt baier












 Allegheny Shredders Heiber and Schroder