A leader is an explorer that cuts the path through for the rest of the group to follow, he pursues a cause and develops his company’s strategy to beat the competition.

He sets directions, maps out the winning roadway with the team, in a dynamic, inspiring and exciting way.
Alkhorayef’s effective leaders, create an inspiring vision of the future, motivate and inspire people to engage with that vision, manage its delivery and build a strong team to achieve it.
Alkhorayef’s Printing Solutions’ leadership has been guiding the company through innovation for the last 35 years. Therefore, it has become a pioneer in the printing and packaging markets.

The company includes a senior leaders and functional leaders who assume their responsibilities and carry out the execution of Alkhorayef’s Printing Solutions’ mission, to offer the best services, retain clients and partners and ensure that the company adheres to core values.

Senior leaders handles corporate policy, the overall performance and builds long-term values while overseeing the company management and vitality. It evaluates strategic initiatives, approves financial strategies and takes major corporate actions.

Functional leaders also play inimitable and proficient roles to drive excellence, oversee technological progress and uphold company values while the executive leaders assume top-line tasks and enforce the company vision and values.

Core Values are crafted by companies to anchor business aspects based on commitment and principles where everyone has the power to create and share ideas without barriers.
Alkhorayef’s core values shape its culture, reflect its vision and educate clients about the company in a competitive world where core values make one accountable and of great reputation.

Senior leaders



Eng. Fahad M. Alkhorayef

General Manager

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Functional leaders



Eng. Khalid Y. Nada

Machinery Sales Manager

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Ahmed Sami

Digital Print Sales Manager

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Jamal Taninah

materials Sales manager

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Ahmed Erfan

After Sales Senior Manager

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Malik G. Yahya

Finance Senior Manager

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