Carbonless paper from NAKHIL Paper is well accepted and highly trusted by customers in SAUDIA ARABIA and more than 20 countries in the whole world due to its excellent image quality, copying capability and protection of smudge occurrence from normal handling and usage.

Our carbonless paper can be used to generate high-quality image on multiple plies of paper. The image capability is hardly affected by moisture, light, or heat. The developed image hardly fades out, being maintained as original for long time, as far as it is filed and stored under the normal conditions.

Our carbonless paper also realizes remarkable printability, runnability and convertibility because of its excellent stiffness and dimensional stability.

  • Raw paper: the base paper we use is of high quality which is 100% wood pulp paper.
  • Image: Blue
  • Color: 
    • CB (Coated Back): White / 55 Gsm , 60 Gsm ,75 Gsm , 85 Gsm
    • CFB (Coated Back and Front): White, pink, blue, green, yellow / 50 Gsm , 60 Gsm
    • CF (Coated Front): White, pink, blue, green, yellow / 53 Gsm
  • Size
    • Sheets: 70x100cm, 60x90cm, 64x90cm
    • Reels: 200, 242, 310, 330, 378, 400, 800 mm

* Rolling NCR paper: can also be provided according to the customers request