SCREEN has been building equipment for the printing industry for more than 70 years. In that time, the company has been a pioneer in many new technologies that have revolutionised the industry.

Today, Screen is a leading integrator of inkjet and builds machinery for many different sections of the industry – while at the same time maintaining its dominant position as a manufacturer of Computer-to-Plate systems for both flexo and conventional litho printing.

Print on Demand 


Computer to Plate

OMM Incorporated in 1970, OMM was the brainchild of Agostino Marchetti – a product of his enduring passion for mechanical engineering and the graphic arts.

From its beginnings as a manufacturer of items for the printing industry and accessories for graphic art, OMM today is the European leader in the production of pre-press and binding equipment. After the first few years of activity, the company began developing the first paper drills and stapling machines, bring it up to its current standing as the manufacturer of the world’s most prestigious range of paper drills and one to four-head stapling machines.

Pre-press Offset Machines

OVIT Srl an Italian company focused for many years in the production of graphic arts equipment, i.e. traditional and ctp plate processors, gumming units for chemistry free plates, film processors, plate washers, flexo plates cleaner, copy frames, automatic and manual ovens, complete automatic line, stackers, filtration systems for water, chemistry and fountain solution, reverse osmosis, densitometer, plate readers.


LASERCOMB is international bekannt als innovativer Anbieter und Lieferant von Systemlösungen für die Verpackungsindustrie und den Stanzformenbau. Das Unternehmen – das bereits im Jahre 1973 erstmals eine Laserschneideanlage praxisgerecht auf den Markt brachte – konzentriert sich heute insbesondere auf die Entwicklung und Herstellung anwenderbezogener Software- und Hardware-Lösungen für Hersteller von Verpackungen aus Voll- und Wellpappe sowie für Stanzformenhersteller.